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Batas Pambansa Blg. 881, otherwise known as the Omnibus Election Code is the basic law on Philippine elections. While legislations have been enacted every time an election is scheduled, the Omnibus Election Code remains the fundamental law on Philippine Election law.

Other Pertinent laws on Election:
1. Republic Act No. 9189 or the Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003
2. Republic Act No. 8189, otherwise known as the Voter’s Registration Act of 1996
3. Republic Act No. 7941, otherwise known as the Party List System Act
4. Republic Act No. 9006, otherwise known as the Fair Election Act
5. Republic Act No. 6646, otherwise known as the Electoral Reform Law of 1987
6. Republic Act No. 7166, providing for Synchronized National and Local Elections
7. Republic Act No. 8436, as Act Authorizing the COMELEC to use Automated Election System
8. Republic Act No. 9369, otherwise known as the Election Modernization Act

The Election period in the Philippines commences 90 days before the day of the election and shall end 30 days thereafter.

As for the Campaign period in the Philippines, it will vary depending on the position reckoned from the day before the actual election day as follows:

1. Presidential and Vice- Pres, Senators elections---90 days
2. Congressmen and local election--- 45 days
3. Barangay election--- 15 days.
4. Special election--- 45 days

The Campaign period is important because certain partisan political activities are prohibited outside the campaign period.

Philippine election lawyers normally render service to the client by seeing to it that the candidates actions are well within the ambit of law. In addition, Philippine election lawyers ensure that before, during and after the election process, the candidate’s legal rights are protected. Furthermore, during the counting and canvassing of votes, Philippine election lawyers play huge roles in upholding the sanctity of the ballot box and the true vote of the people. Thereafter, Philippine election lawyers may file protests or cases against erring individuals for irregularities in the casting, counting and canvassing of votes. The usual disputes in Philippine election law pertain to pre-proclamation controversies and election protests.

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